Emeral Oceanfront lots

See videos from the lots in youtube with title: Amazing video of beach property AVAILABLE for INVESTORS

Waterfront properties booming in Mexico

Prime beachfront lots, situated in a prime location with unique multi strategic investment steams. Buy direct from the owner and acquire your own "slice of paradise" The quality of the white sand and the sub tropical climate is perfect for building your own beach front villa or home. WE CAN BUILD YOUR BEACH VILLA!

Beachfront is pure white sand beach and the back part ends to the lagoon.

Clean title

We sell this property to finance our own projects next to it.

we own the whole area and we start to build luxury villas next to this land, which will rise the property price. You can get rental income with normal occupation yearly by renting your beachfront villa.

Beachfront land is a commodity.

Beachfront land is prime real estate.

Beachfront land is highly sought after.

Beachfront land is an appreciating asset.

Beachfront land is the fastest increasing real estate investment for your Dollar in the World.

Ask for a full presentation - One can still buy at an unbelievably low price, because they are sold by seller the original owner who owns the whole area of buildable beachfront, the most beautiful in this in the whole state.

The prices have shown a steady growth since 2009, even through the worst recession years. This kind of properties just don't exist any more.

The land prices are expected to skyrocket when the last lots are sold and again when area is under construction.

The expectations is to have all the lots sold before the summer of 2017 - or earlier, today the most economical lots are: 65.61ft (20m) beachfront and One Mile (1600m) deep to the lagoon (tot. 9.88 Acres / 4 Has) and few bigger 328 ft (100m) beachfront - 1800m / over One Mile deep and has 100m lagoon front (total size of 20 has/49.42 acres) lots in incredible price , you can follow this fast 'buy out' progress from owners website where you can see pictures and video of this incredible property:

The yearly average in temperature is 29 ÂșC / 85 F

Master plan underway for mixed use

Three international developers are closing on to purchase big parcels of this property to build eco chic hotels like in the already famous Riviera Maya and Tulum.

Foreigners can buy and own beach properties in Mexico through a corporation.

Property tax per lot 200 USD per year

Excellent rental income

Excellent returns by short term and long term investment solutions

Only 40 minutes from Ciudad Del Carmen airport, 1 hour from Campeche city airport and 3,5 hours from Merida

On the other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula the prices of beachfront properties have been skyrocketing already about 1000% in last 7 years during the area has been enjoying of heavy investment, now coming urbanization master plan will make same effect for this area...
Ocean front property is extremely desirable and the supply is limited, It is not a new idea to invest in properties for getting maximum returns in the long run.

Beachfront property investment is one of the most popular investment options.

There will always be demand for beachfront properties.

Everyone wants to own a piece of land in beaches where they can enjoy the beauty of beach round the year.

Investing in beachfront properties is a prime aspect in real estate industry.

Though the investments for such kind of property will be more than the normal properties, they are worthy buying since they can yield huge profits in the long run.

Owning beachfront you have your money in better place than in the bank 1000 times!