Prime White Sand Beachfront Property

20 beachfront lineal meters at the astonishing white sand beachfront for the House or Eco-Resorts / Cabañas Hotels. (only few lots left, over 97% lots sold) Next to this property is 3 km subdivided for beachfront eco-villas lots (SOLD!) This coast is planned to become the premier sustainable beach resort area of the Yucatan, where beach resort living may eventually become an everyday lifestyle choice

We can build your project ('turn key'), contact us to get your free House or eco-resort project calculation with your specifics. Starting price to build 10 cottages, Palapa building for reception area, restaurant & bar (beach club) with standard wooden / bamboo materials is about 135 000 USD and up, Beachfront House packages starting from 185 000 USD with the lot of 1000m2.

Very calm and relaxing atmosphere Beautiful lagoon estuary on the back of the property Lots with coconut trees Easily developed into many house/cottage lots Access road to safe, sandy beach. Quiet & peaceful area, 10 min from the town. Access to services: City water, electricity access, fiberoptics, Gas

Titled lots:
3.6 hectare lot with 20 meters white sandy beachfront + lagoon front in the back part of the property: 235 000 USD

A great ROI with long term revenue potential: Beachfront square meter prices are typically going heavily up next 4 years over 300% when Eco-resort project building starts 2017. Get great cottage rental income with an average of 70% occupation year around.

The property is fully titled with all legal matters in order (Tax Dec etc.) Foreigner can own property in Mexico true easy corporation structure or bank trust

Once you own this property, you are set for life. There are low property taxes (150 USD per 4 hectare), no rates, no costs beyond your electric power and water, if you care to optionally grid up. For solar power we have portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services to optimize the performance, reliability and return on investment of any solar installation -- from residential rooftops to commercial and industrial applications and utility-grade power plants.

With a small Investment it would make a great scuba diving, or watersports / health and fitness resort, the potentials are huge....

Of course the water is crystalline clear yet somehow always turquoise. Peace and tranquillity describe this last of the great beachfront sites that movie stars and the extremely wealthy own around Yucatan Peninsula

These last lots are priced to be sold immediately.

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